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Janet Boynes leads readers through her inspiring testimony, from her decision to try the homosexual lifestyle, to the trauma and pain she suffered during her 14-year walk as a lesbian, and finally, to her glorious homecoming back to God in 1998. Janet discusses with honorable candor many of the issues so aggressively guarded by the gay agenda.

JBM Testimonials

JBM is dedicated to not only supporting those who desire to walk away from homosexuality, but also providing support for their family and friends also.  Below are testimonials of people who have been impacted by the ministry of JBM"


I was in a great relationship with my best friend, but I couldn't fight God any longer. I knew homosexuality was wrong, but this relationship felt right for me. I didn't want to let go of us. The day our relationship ended, I thought I was going to die. I had no peace at all. The only thing I knew to do was pray. My prayer was simple, I asked for peace and strength.  God came through. There were times when the love I had in my heart for my ex was overwhelming, and I ran back to that place of comfort, but  it only left me torn on the inside. I knew I couldn't go back, and she was such a good friend that she didn't try to compete, with what God was doing in me.  I had to, and still have to daily give God permission to work on me. It's not always easy, but it's doable. Praise the Lord, I am no longer bound to homosexuality. It really is a journey , and it really is process . I am so thankful for my church, great friends and Janet who are there to support me on my journey.

Walked out of Homosexuality

photoOne day I asked my husband of 11 years for a divorce. I explained to him that I thought I was gay. I had been unfaithful to my husband more than once with a woman and was convinced this was the path I was destined for. After making contact with JBM, Janet has dedicated herself and others involved in her ministry to saving my marriage and my family. It has been a journey, one Janet has remained steadfast and committed to even when I wanted to give up. She has helped both my husband and I to renew our relationships with God and make Him the center of our relationship and our family.

Wife and Mother

The impact of homosexuality can sometimes tear a family apart. We provide resources to assist family members in being able to understand their loved ones and continue to maintain hope that God's will can be done in their lives.

photoWhen our daughter first told us that she was in a same-sex relationship our hearts sank. How could this be? What went wrong? God, Why did this happen? One of the things the Lord did in this process was to connect us to Janet Boynes. Because Janet has been there, and is now free, she has helped us to take positive approaches towards our daughter. Even though the first weeks and months of knowing what was really going on were very painful for us, we can now say that even then, God sustained us. God is at work in our daughter’s life. We know that God is calling her out of the darkness, into His marvelous light. We will not give up.

Concerned Father

One of the goals of JBM is to assist the community and church to become better educated on bringing the message of God's love to the LGBT community while continuing to re-empasize the message that God can deliver them from sin..

photoMy name is Justin and I am 23 years old. I developed a great friendship with two young women who confessed to me they were lesbians. This was something new to me, and I realized as a Christian I wasn't very informed from the church in regards to homosexuality. I believed it was something God didn't approve of but that was all I really knew. As our friendships grew, I had the desire to better my understanding of homosexuality. I sought knowledge through listening to sermons, reading books, and speaking with pastors. Along this journey, I connected with Janet through Janet Boynes Ministries (JBM) website and discovered the JBM prayer line — as a way to better understand and continue to pray fervently for these girls that I deeply care for. Recently, I started seminary. I praise God and thank JBM for the opportunity to serve.

Seminary Student

photoJanet Boynes communicates with amazing transparency the life events that drew her into the lesbian lifestyle – and the transforming grace of God that led her out. Janet is living proof we serve a God who changes lives.

James Robinson
Television Host

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