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features Called Out

Janet Boynes leads readers through her inspiring testimony, from her decision to try the homosexual lifestyle, to the trauma and pain she suffered during her 14-year walk as a lesbian, and finally, to her glorious homecoming back to God in 1998. Janet discusses with honorable candor many of the issues so aggressively guarded by the gay agenda.

Janet Boynes Ministries References

photoJanet Boynes embodies the exercise of "prophetic courage." In the midst of moral relativism, spiritual apathy and cultural decadence, Janet's redemptive testimony reconciles truth with love. Her life conveys a clarion call for a freedom that only Christ can provide. 

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez
President, NHCLC, Hispanic Evangelical Association

photoJanet is a composed and articulate speaker who ministers with understanding and compassion. Through her own personal experiences, she is able to show others how, through God’s Word, they too can be set free. The effectiveness of her ministry stems from her knowledge of what draws a person into a homosexual lifestyle and what can be done to help them break free…I support the work of Janet’s ministry and encourage others to have her come and share her testimony.

Mac Hammond
Senior Pastor, Living Word Christian Center

photoJanet’s life is a powerful testimony of the changes that Christ can bring through His healing power from the bondage of sin.To see Janet is to see the face of joy, freedom, and peace. I wish everyone could meet this dynamic, young, Christ-filled woman who has dedicated her life to spreading the joy that she has found in a deep relationship of forgiveness from the Father. I hope everyone listens closely to Janet’s compelling testimony.

Michele Bachmann
United States Congresswoman

photoI am so thankful Janet opened her life and told her story so others can find love, truth, and freedom. It is time for the church to be rightly related to all of its children. Called Out is part of this happening.

Lisa Bevere
Author and Speaker, Messenger International

photoCalled Out provides a sounding board for the questions most of us ask. There are no gray areas with Janet. She helps us point the accusing finger back at ourselves to see what we are doing to arrest the problems of our society. The profound message Janet shares is a simple one: if the church solves its own problems, instead of wasting time sending mixed signals about the gay lifestyle; if the church learns to love as Jesus loved; if the church becomes healthy enough; then it can truly minister grace to those who are sick, fulfilling God’s purpose. You should take the time not only to read this book but to give it to those who do not understand the mind of the homosexual.

Bishop Harry R. Jackson
Senior Pastor, Hope Christian Church

photoCourageous. That’s the first word that came to mind when I heard Janet Boynes’ story. Janet’s ministry is a powerful response to our culture’s message that a sinful lifestyle can’t be changed because you were “born this way.” Her life is a testament to the power of faith to transform and heal, and to God’s unceasing love for His children.

David Barton

photoJanet Boynes truly lives her life for the Lord and shares the Word of God powerfully through her personal testimony. She is a living demonstration of God’s mercy and faithfulness–even in the most difficult and hopeless of circumstances. Janet has not forgotten the mighty deliverance God has given her, and has devoted her life and ministry to helping others find freedom from the sin of homosexuality. She speaks from a heart of humility, sincerity, and passion. I encourage you to read her book, Called Out, and witness as I have how the Lord is working through her ministry.

Delores "Mom" Winans
Recording Artist and Gospel Legend

photoJanet Boynes communicates with amazing transparency the life events that drew her into the lesbian lifestyle – and the transforming grace of God that led her out. Janet is living proof we serve a God who changes lives.

James Robison
Television Host, Life Today

photoJanet Boynes is living proof to a confused world that the Word of God is real, is relevant and is liberating. Her faith is sure, her joy contagious and her love melts fear away. I recommend Janet as a speaker, a teacher, a pray-er and a spiritual friend everyone can be blessed to know. I am.

Terri Copeland Pearsons
Senior Pastor, Eagle Mountain International Church

photoMercy Ministries recently had the pleasure of having Janet Boynes come and speak to the residents and staff at our Nashville home and ministry headquarters. With boldness and confidence, she shared her testimony of overcoming abuse and finding God in the midst of extremely painful circumstances. Janet is very effective in her ability to communicate and connect with her audience. I highly recommend Janet to speak to teenagers and women alike as she is qualified, professional, personal, and relational.

Nancy Alcorn
President & Founder of Mercy Ministries

photoIn this world, sexuality is exposed and exploited in a mixing bowl of confusion and uncertainty. Where the homosexual community would have you believe that they are victims of their sexual preference based ondesign rather than choice, a clear voice comes to us from one who has lived their lifestyle and has overcome the turmoil through the love of Jesus Christ. This is a must read, not only for those who have been exposed to the gay lifestyle or others who question their sexuality, but also to those who are called to minister in the twenty-first century.

Pastor Marvin Winans
Senior Pastor, Perfecting Church, Detroit, MI

photoCourageous. That’s the first word that came to mind when I heard Janet Boynes’ story. Janet’s ministry is a powerful response to our culture’s message that a sinful lifestyle can’t be changed because you were “born this way.” Her life is a testament to the power of faith to transform and heal, and to God’s unceasing love for His children.

Joni Lamb
CEO of DAYSTAR TV & Executive Producer of “The Joni Show

photoPlease allow me to recommend to you the ministry of Janet Boynes. She has had a very successful ministry already. God is using her all across the Country. We’ve watched the interview conducted by the 700 Club and promoted her story at our District events. It is very impressive.

Janet received the Lord at Maple Grove Assembly, under the leadership of Greg Hickle. Greg is the Secretary/Treasurer for our District now, and he also highly recommends her ministry. She will be a tremendous blessing to you and your church.

Clarence W. St. John
Assemblies of God District Superintendent

photoJanet Boynes is one to boldly speak with moral conviction the truth in love about the homosexual lifestyle permeating our society today. I’ve known Janet for many years and have watched her transformation into the woman of God she is today.  Her life began to change when she took ahold of the truth in God’s Word for herself.  Janet has truly been called out to bring the truth of God’s word to others living the homosexual lifestyle, into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

 Randy Morrison
Senior Pastor, Speak The Word Church International

photoJanet Boynes is a living testimony to the life-transforming truth of the gospel. In her book, Called Out, and when she speaks, she shares her compelling story with conviction and compassion. I recommend her ministry to anyone who desires to bring hope, healing and deliverance to those struggling with homosexuality!

Pastor Vicki Shearin
Co-Pastor, Word of Life Christian Center

photoCalled Out is an inspiring story of God’s grace, as well as of the real possibility of change for those trapped by homosexual desires. Janet tells the often heart-wrenching story of the hardship and abuse she suffered early in life, which led her to descend into lesbian relationships. But she also shares how God used the persistent love of believers to call her to faith in Christ and call her out of her sin. Her moving personal story is then followed by sound and compassionate advice to those dealing with homosexuality in their own lives, the lives of family members, and in the church. I recommend Called Out to anyone interested in knowing how God’s love can transform the lives of those wrestling with the tragedy of homosexuality.

Tony Perkins
President of Family Research Council

photoJanet Boynes is an amazing and inspirational example of the power of faith to transform and heal. Her life is evidence of God’s unceasing love for all His children, and her ministry offers hope to those seeking a way out of homosexuality. Her teaching is bold and compassionate; she speaks the truth of God’s grace and mercy, and she speaks from experience. Our society needs to hear her story.

Gary L. Bauer
Christian Conservative Activist