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features Called Out

Janet Boynes leads readers through her inspiring testimony, from her decision to try the homosexual lifestyle, to the trauma and pain she suffered during her 14-year walk as a lesbian, and finally, to her glorious homecoming back to God in 1998. Janet discusses with honorable candor many of the issues so aggressively guarded by the gay agenda.

Janet Boynes Ministries Products

Called Out - In Spanish

Book: $13.99

Let me share my testimony as I tell how God called me out of homosexuality. I believe that what God has done for me, He can also do for you.

If you are struggling with homosexuality, I'm living proof that there is hope through Jesus Christ.

I can offer insight and help provide resources for those seeking a way out.

Also available en Espanol


NEW Book: $11.99

“Arise: The Journey from Fear to Faith”

In this book we combine biblical insights with practical exercises that will shed light on many of the lies you have believed while giving you a real sense of who you were created to be. There is greatness on the inside of you; it is your time to ARISE.



“Called-Out Conference CD/DVD”

Called Out Conference exceeded all of our expectations! If you missed the conference you have an opporunity to order the CD's and DVD's. I promise you will be blessed by it! Each speaker shared their personal testimony and insight about overcoming their struggles and challenges!

1. Designed To Shine - Janet Boynes

2. How To Deal With Loss - Karen Jensen-Salisbury

3. Called out Of Darkness, Remaining In The Light - Charlie Hernandez

4. Panel Discussion - Janet Boynes, Charlie Hernandez, Karen Jensen-Salisbury, Nakisha Thomas, Kristin Tremba, Geoff London


JBM Wristband

JBM Backpacks

Tak-N Back The Rainbow Wristbands: $6.00

Tak-N Back The Rainbow Backpacks: $10.00

After the great flood, God took the rainbow, a phenomenon, and made it his pledge. His covenant with all humankind, that "Never again will all life be destroyed by the waters of a flood; never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth."  Genesis 9:11 


For too long we have allowed the enemy to steal and destroy what God has given us. We are taking back the rainbow, taking back what rightly belongs to us. It is not a sign to represent the Homosexual community; it is a sign of God's loving grace towards us.

Wristband Options


DVD: $10.00

“Homosexuality and the Church”

It is tempting to want to “fix” the person.  However your goal should never be to see someone walk out of homosexuality into heterosexuality, but into holiness and path of obedience to Christ.

Shirts: $15.00

Power of Change Shirt now available. God has the power to transform our Lives. This shirt is available is different sizes.

The Top 10 Questions Regarding Homosexuality  $2.99

The word says in Hosea 4:6, my people are ruined because they don’t know what is right and true (msg). To know truth is to know HIM! Get informed!

Shirts: $15.00

Power of Change Shirt now available. God has the power to transform our Lives. This shirt is available is different sizes.