Together, we are bringing hope to hurting people all across this nation. To those who feel discarded, abandoned, alone and lost. To those who struggle with same-sex attraction and those who have been given an ultimatum to accept their loved ones choices. We are here for you and you are not alone.


Special Request

*Update on Janet's eye surgery: We have raised 40% of the funds needed. If you are able, please consider donating to the link below:

Janet Boynes has noticed that for some time now, her vision has gotten significantly worse. She discovered that she needs to have surgery on both eyes due to the severity of her cataracts. This surgery is certainly no luxury, as she needs to be able to see clearly. This has hindered her from driving in the evenings and even seeing clearly from the pulpit as she shares her story.

Unfortunately, her insurance will only cover part of the surgery and has gone up 40% for 2017. We have put together a GoFundMe account so that we can come together and help Janet get the surgery she needs. Janet needs to raise at least $10,000 to cover the surgery for both eyes. We know that some of our friends will not be able to give large amounts, but every little bit counts. If you have in your heart to give a large amount, and you would like to use it as a tax write-off, please let us know.

We love you and thank you for standing alongside
Janet Boynes and this ministry!
GoFundMe account

If you want to send a check you can send it to:
P.O. Box 2253
Maple Grove, MN 55311