Once again, we are watching Hollywood expose their dirty little secret that has been buried for years. Harvey Weinstein's victims have come forward and exposed the mogul. This exposure was long overdue. However, I don't want to focus on this disgusting sex abuser. I want to turn my heart and focus on those of us who have been sexually abused and continue to suffer in silence out of fear or shame. Those who have been sexually abused, both male and female, whether it was as a child or adult, may carry this ugly and painful secret of their abuse for decades without a word to anyone.

Many never reveal what happened to them at all, and few file charges. I (Janet), a survivor of childhood molestation by a family member, understand the challenges of carrying those dark secrets.The fear that gripped me as I held on to my secret, ushered me into a homosexual life for 14 years.Through my obedience to the Lord, I have found freedom for over 19 years and still counting.

Were you abused? Did you speak your truth and no one believed you? Did you speak your truth and experience the pain of someone doubting you? Beloved, you are not alone. I, Janet Boynes, believe you. I stand with and I am for you. Your step forward in speaking that dark secret and exposing what has caused you so much pain takes a tremendous amount of courage and bravery. I am proud of you! We can all be victorious together as survivors. We are strong for having survived. We are even stronger for standing up and speaking out against those that have hurt us. We stand together triumphantly and move forward, bravely living abuse free lives.

On the other hand, are you the one that would rather just bury that dark and ugly secret and never bring it up again? You may try to find ways of just forgetting about it and moving on with your life. However, something seems to always trigger that hidden memory. If you have been abused or are currently a victim of abuse and have not yet spoken out, I urge you to diligently search for a safe person and speak your truth. You are stronger than you believe and the courage to stand up is within you. You deserve to live an abuse free life. Stand with me and know you no longer have to be a victim, but you can be a survivor.

Forgiveness is the first step to freedom. My good friend, Karen Jensen Salisbury, wrote a book "I Forgive You, But". Karen writes "Unresolved unforgiveness can have a terrible effect on all the other relationships in our lives too." You may feel that the person that sexual abused you does not deserve forgiveness. I agree with you. However, forgiveness does not have anything to do with your abuser. We forgive because we want to be obedient to God and experience freedom within ourselves. In Colossians 2:13 it says "When you were dead in your sins and in the uncircumcision of your flesh, God made you alive with Christ. He forgave us all our sins".

We have allowed these offenders to keep us in chains long enough. It is time to break the chains that have bound us, hurt us and caused us despair. It is time to stand up and receive our freedom. You are no longer the victim. You are the victor. We stand with you. Together, we can draw strength from each other and, most importantly, from the Word of God.

Let's make today our new ending. We here at JBM want to assist in any way we can. Please email us and tell your story. Let's not suffer in silence anymore. You deserve freedom in the name of Jesus.

I do believe that becoming whole and finding freedom is not only possible but attainable. My book, "Arise", is a self-help devotional that addresses many of the struggles that we all have been through. God designed us to live victoriously, but sadly this is not the reality for many of us. In my book, biblical insights combined with practical exercises will not only shed light on so many lies we often believe but also give you a real sense of who you were created to be. There is greatness on the inside of you; it is your time to ARISE.