Hello Friends:

We are so excited to share a few things that are happening here at JBM.

Below is a link to BVOV magazine which shared Janet's story! If you know someone who needs to hear that God is still in the business of changing lives, please share it with them!

We are gearing up for our 2017 Called Out Conference, "YOU WERE MADE FOR MORE". Our speakers include Karen Jensen Salisbury, Charlie Hernandez, Greg Quinlan, Grayson BeardenJanet Boynes & leading worship Alciona Rivera.

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She answered the call and her life was never the same. Here is a story that was written by Holley Gerth, in regards to one of our very own leaders, Christy Rodriguez.

"My friend Christy takes the stage in a room filled with Grace Hills women. She stands behind the microphone for just a moment before pulling it from its holder and sitting on a black stool that swivels. She tells us about how Jesus set her free. About the people who have been shame breakers in her life. About how God loves us just as much today as before we did anything wrong.

It's these words that cause a catch in my throat. Because isn't losing God's love a fear we hide deep down inside, like the child who stuffs the chocolate bar wrapper in between the couch cushions? Outwardly we say, "Yes, Jesus loves me." But, if you're anything like me, we can wonder if that love is a bit of a barometer. We fear that it goes up on the days we're good and down when we snap at the kids or think unkind things or let that old habit creep in again like the wandering cat that always comes home.

I think of my own journey, of the stumbles and falls. The words I wish I could take back. The choices I wish I could remake. The mistakes like cracks in my favorite coffee cup. And it seems right there God whispers to my heart, "Sin happens. So did the cross."

It's as if the world stops spinning, the night stands still, I let out a breath that comes from the depths. It's full of relief. Then Christy says it too, "When we don't forgive ourselves we deny what Jesus did on the cross." I decide then I am done denying. I am done letting shame and guilt win. I am ready to let it go, put the past in the shredder like yesterday's newspaper. I am choosing love. I am choosing grace. I am choosing to receive what has already been mine for so very long.

Jesus meant it when He said, "It is finished" on the cross. He still means it. The enemy of our hearts knows what God has accomplished cannot be undone. His only hope is to convince us that what we have done can't be either. But this is a lie.

The truth is we are loved, scandalously and fully. We are forgiven, wholly and freely. We are all, like Christy, living and telling an extraordinary grace story."