My name is Madeline, "I'm from the Dominican Republic. I came to the US on vacation, at least that is what I kept telling my family. To me it was more like an scape from everything. I felt alone, sad and like nobody could ever understand me.

I am staying with my cousin while here in the U.S. I started talking to her about my situation, and even though she tried her best to give me some answers, I still felt like it was not enough. I told her that I wish I could meet somebody that's been thru all this so they could tell me how to start making changes in my life. 

My cousin works at a bookstore so she did a search for books that talked about God and homosexuality. She found Janet's book "Called Out". When I found out about Janet and her ministry, I went online and searched for Janet's name and her web page came up. I read all the information and got to the part where I could send an e-mail, and so I did. To be honest I wasn't expecting a reply that fast, or even any reply at all. It was December 30th and I thought everybody would be on vacation! I was surprised and at the same time thankful because Kim answered me on that same day.

I was able to speak with Janet on the phone. Surprisingly, Janet knew someone who's family still lives in the Dominican Republic. The next thing I knew,  someone was on the phone gathering information to help me find a good church that I can attend when I get back home from vacation. 

I feel like somebody was finally understanding my struggle. Now there's hope in me again!"

~Madeline Rodriguez