What type of aroma are you sending forth? How do people react when they come into contact with you or when you walk into a room?

When you spend time at a campfire, the smoke from the campfire permeates you, your clothes, your hair; every part of you. It can last for days and people you are around will notice the smoky smell. For some, it will smell pleasant (at least for a while); for others it will come across as very unpleasant. The point is, folks will know you have been around a campfire.

In the same way, when we spend time with Jesus, people will notice.

In Acts 2:14, the Bible says that people marveled at Peter and John and that they recognized that they had been with Jesus. The crowds sensed that Peter and John had confidence. They knew who they were and what they were called to do. They also noticed that the men had anointing and wisdom; they also brought with them healing. Even more amazing to the crowd was that these two were known to be ordinary men, unlearned and untrained.

So, we are not just talking about physical smells, here. We are talking about what type of influence do we have on others as they enter our house or when we walk into the marketplace, the work place or even church. Do people sense confidence and peace when they come in contact with us? Do they get a feeling of hope when we pass by? Do they feel like they are missing something in life and want what we have? I Corinthians 2:14 says that we spread and make evident the fragrance of knowledge of God everywhere and that we are the sweet fragrance of Christ. The Message version of this verse says that everywhere we go, people breathe in the exquisite fragrance.

Think about it for just a minute. When people spend time with us, do they feel encouraged; or do they feel bought down, defeated or condemned? Are we triumphing over challenges in our own lives, or are we depressed and discouraged ourselves? We become overcomers as we spend time in His presence and learn from Him. We know where we should go and how we should act. We can bring encouragement to a lost and discouraged world. To be filled with the presence of Jesus, we need to get empty of ourselves and filled up with His Spirit through prayer and reading the Word. We put on the new self, created in the likeness of God (Ephesians 4:24).

We have the privilege of letting the presence of Jesus flow out of us like rivers of living water. Recently, we visited the Lake Superior region and took a long hike. We saw how the rivers flowed rapidly down the hills and caused amazing waterfalls and gorgeous streams as they headed toward the great lake. That is how we want to be, bringing renewed hope and beauty wherever we see darkness.

Tim and Janet Distel