Often times we talk about the Church as if it was insignificant and weak; it is not. As I travel the country to speak at different churches, I have come to know the hearts of many pastors, leaders and believers who desire nothing more than to be the hands and feet of Jesus. There are many churches that are doing all they can to assist those who struggle with homosexuality, sexual addictions, drugs, homelessness, etc. Most of the time we do not hear about these things and we know very little about what is happening behind the scenes. However, God is moving and the lost are coming to Jesus.

In my case, it was the people in the church who invested their time in me that caused my faith to be restored in Jesus. For many of us, the church is the place where our lives were changed and continues to be changed, where we find freedom in Jesus our Lord and Savior. It is a safe haven, a place of refuge, a point of surrender, and for some it is the place where they finally experience family.

Most importantly, we are the Church. The Church isn't a building; it is a body. The Church is the organism through which Christ manifests His life to the world today. When we see ourselves for who we truly are, there will be no time to tear each other down.

I have a very strong will, so it took the Lord fourteen years of knocking at my door for me to finally make the decision to let Him in. My process wasn't easy, but when I looked around, I saw the Church walking along side of me. I love sharing this part of my story because I want people to know how much influence the church and my pastor had on my transformation. I didn't get to where I am today on my own. Even when we aren't' aware, there are men and women of God fasting and praying for us.

What I want to leave you with today is this simple truth; YOU are the Church. You are a representation of Jesus here on earth. In whatever arena of work you are called to, there you can be a light. It isn't a responsibility, it is a privilege to be His bride. We get to help those in need and we get to lead people to Jesus. Sometimes we blame the local church for the work that isn't being done, but what are you doing to make a difference?

In His Love,

Janet Boynes