This is an important book written by a remarkable woman, and if you’re looking for a volume that deals with the toughest questions surrounding homosexuality – the questions that parents and siblings and pastors and counselors ask, the practical, personal questions – then this is the book for you. It is filled with scriptural wisdom and Christ-like compassion, and that is because it is written by a woman who understands.

Janet’s siblings had the same mother but different fathers, and one of those fathers sexually abused Janet when she was a child. Some years later, Janet left the man she was engaged to marry and began to live as a lesbian, disobeying the Lord she once knew and giving herself to drugs and to other women for fourteen years. That’s why I say that Janet understands.

But she not only understands the struggles experienced by those in the LGBT community, being able to relate to the rejection they often experience at the hands of the church and being able to identify with their wounds and their pain. (Janet invited Walt Heyer, a former male to female transgender, to speak firsthand to the “T” issues in the pages that follow.) She also understands the ways of the Lord. She understands the power of prayer. She understands what it takes to hold fast to God’s promises no matter what we feel or see. She understands how families can be torn apart and she understands how they can be put back together.

In fact, as I read this book, I found myself asking, “Where did Janet get such practical wisdom and insight? Growing up the way she did and living for so many years in the world, how is she able to offer such excellent counsel?”

The answer is that Janet really knows the Lord, and through her walk with Him, she has learned His ways. It’s also obvious that she has surrounded herself with godly leaders who have been able to speak into her life, helping her grow into a real woman of God. And it’s obvious that her love for the LGBT community has moved her to make a real difference in their lives, raising up a ministry devoted to helping them find new life in Jesus and offering counsel to many hurting people in recent years.

So, she writes from personal experience, having “been there and done that” in many respects, from the lesbian lifestyle to her new life in the Lord to her ministry to those in need. And out of that personal experience, she has written a book that will be a lifesaver for many. There is a reason you’re reading this book, and I believe you will find the answers you need in the chapters that follow.

Dr. Michael L. Brown