The number of people reaching out for help has grown at an overwhelming rate, and we are in need of expanding our financial partnership base. We ask for your financial support to allow JBM to expand its outreach efforts to help more people go from bondage to sin, to freedom in Christ.

Here are just a few examples of how you can help JBM make a difference:

A 37-year old wife and mother in Minnesota is now re-committed to God, her marriage and family and is working on healing from past experiences that contributed to SSA.
A 17-year old in North Carolina struggling with homosexuality is on her way to personal healing, a closer relationship with God, and breaking away from the hold of SSA.
We are only able to operate through the help of financial donations from people like you! We would love for you to consider a commitment to provide monthly support to JBM. Your financial support will be used to broaden the reach of JBM allowing us to partner with churches around the country and educate them to support the needs of those struggling with SSA as well as their families. JBM will establish a network of Christian counselors to help those in need of finding healing in the underlying issues that contributed to their brokenness. In addition, your contributions will allow JBM to mentor those who want to leave the homosexual lifestyle.

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Partner Level Options

You can always do a one time donate online using the donation button below:

If you wish to mail in a donation, please send it to:

Janet Boynes Ministries
PO Box 2253
Maple Grove, MN 55311

Why Donate?

Would you describe Janet Boynes Ministries as good ground for someone to continue to sow into, and why?

We would definitely respond that this ministry is good ground to sow in to.  The ministry receives phone calls and emails from all parts of the U.S. in addition to many other countries.  Our clear and distinct message is sorely needed in our churches and our society as a whole.  Many Christians are confused about how to relate/respond to the homosexual person.  They also do not know how to help those who are struggling and  looking for a way out.  We have found that  there are so many who are hurting and wondering who they can turn to for help.  Few know how to assist them.  In it truly heart wrenching to hear individuals describe their torment as they wrestle with the desires of homosexuality.  Many genuinely are looking for help.  In addition,  parents with children dealing with same sex attraction are too often left to suffer alone as they are too afraid and hurt to reach out for help and their question is “who do I reach out to”?

Janet Boynes is in the final stages of releasing a new book that will be a blessing to those looking for answers and encouragement.  Finances are needed to get this book printed. 

Those who are lead to support this ministry can be assured that no money is wasted.  Janet Boynes is a faithful steward of all that is given.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.



JBM is dedicated to taking the message of the gospel to the nations. Prayerfully consider making a financial donation to help the work of the ministry!


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