I believe homosexuality has become the tip of the spear in Satan’s assault today. If we don’t blunt this point of attack, our society won’t last. This is just the beginning. Yet how and what do we do? There is no unified Christian response to this issue and sadly, there hasn’t been much material available on this topic as Christian leaders chose to largely ignore the subject. Janet Boynes book, A Quest for Truth, is an attempt to fill that void.

Janet deals with the subject scripturally and leaves no room for doubt on what the Bible says. Yet she presents these truths in love, having been on both sides of the fence. She includes testimonies from families that have been dealing with family members caught up in this lifestyle for decades and there are also testimonies from those who have been liberated from the LGBT deception.

She lovingly calls Christians to take a stand while not condemning those caught in this trap. There is a lot of practical wisdom on how Christians should respond to those who are being destroyed by this “new morality.”

Many have just accepted the situation as the new “norm” but it doesn’t have to be. The gospel is the most powerful force in the world. We have the truth. We just need to use it. Janet’s book will encourage you and help equip you to make a difference. Individual lives and our society depends on it.

Andrew Wommack
Andrew Wommack Ministries, Author